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We specialize in Partner Visas in Australia for eligible partners and spouses of Australian citizens and permanent residents.

What is Partner Visa?

Partner Visas are for spouses or partners of Australian citizens, permanent residents in Australia and for eligible New Zealand citizen, who wish to live in Australia. You need to apply for both temporary and permanent visas together. These visas can be applied whilst the applicant is outside Australia (Subclass 309/100) or inside Australia (Subclass 820/801).The temporary visa is the first steps towards getting a permanent visa to live in Australia with your spouse or partner. It is important that the visa applicant is sponsored by an individual who is either an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible NZ citizen Amongst other things, the department will need to be satisfied that the relationship is genuine. Since this can be very subjective it is critical that a compelling case be submitted at the time of application and managed carefully until the applicant is granted the permanent residency. . It is a complicated procedure but with the right immigrant lawyer, you will sail through the entire process and get the Partner Visa without any hassle.

300 VISA – Prospective Marriage Visa

What is the 300 Visa?

The fiancé visa or the Prospective Marriage Visa, Subclass 300, is a temporary visa for applicants who intend to come to Australia and marry their sponsor within 9 months. The applicant is required to be outside of Australia both at the time of the application and the time of decision.

Schedule 3 Criteria

What is the Schedule 3 Criteria for Partner Visas?

Has your substantive visa expired? Have you lodged another visa application which was subsequently refused? Are you an unlawful non citizen? If you are holding a bridging visa issued as a result of another visa application or are currently unlawful you may still be eligible to lodge a partner visa onshore if you can meet the criteria under Schedule 3. If you meet these criteria you will be permitted to lodge an onshore partner visa and will not be barred from applying under section 48 of the Migration Act.

What are the requirements of Schedule 3 to apply for a Partner Visa?

To meet Schedule 3 criteria, you must meet all of the following requirements
If any of the above criteria cannot be met, you would need to apply for a waiver of Schedule 3 on the basis of compelling and compassionate reasons.

What are the examples of compelling reasons for waiving Schedule 3?

The Department of Home Affairs will assess your individual circumstances and evaluate whether to waive Schedule 3 criteria. They will take into account the individual’s circumstances as well as another person such as the Australian citizen partner or child. Some examples of compelling reasons for the waiver of Schedule 3 criteria are as follows:

Why choose Withstand Lawyers for the Schedule 3 Criteria ?

Maryann specialise in all aspects of immigration law, including issues around Schedule 3, visa cancellations and visa refusals. She is approachable and committed to providing a personalised service so call us on 0403 150 559 or 02 8221 8828.

Partner Visa 309 & 100 – Offshore or Partner Visa 820 & 801 – Onshore

The visa allows one to migrate to Australia on the basis of either married or de-facto relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. This visa must be applied from outside Australia.
The subclass 309 or 820(temporary) is granted first. Two years after the initial application the permanent residency visa (subclass 100 or 801) is assessed If the applicant is in a long term relationship with their sponsoring partner the department will grant both the temporary and permanent residency visa at the same time so there is no need for the applicant to wait another 2 years for the permanent residency visa to be decided.

461 VISA – New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visa

What is the 461 Visa?

The applicant is someone who is the partner or eligible family member of a settled NZ citizen. It is a temporary visa that allows you to live, work and study in Australia for 5 years. This visa can be applied for whilst the applicant is either in Australia or overseas and can be renewed providing the applicant continues to meet the eligibility requirements.

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