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Why A migration Agent

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Why use an Australian immigration lawyer or migration agent?

Australia’s migration regulations are detailed and complex and there are frequent changes to the laws, regulations policies and procedures governing migration – not to mention numerous bodies that administer various parts of the whole, huge, complicated system.

The application process for the Australian immigration may sometimes be very simple but it is often very difficult. Professional advice from our immigration lawyers and migration agents will maximise your chances of success, however, it is no guarantee. The government of the day has the final say on immigration. Applicants can only follow the application requirements as strictly as possible and wait to learn if their application is successful.

Subscription Options

A subscription gives you 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase.

We Have One Goal

Why we are different from other Australian immigration lawyers?

As a lawyer, Maryann understands the legislation and gets it right. As a registered migration agent and Australian immigration lawyer she is accountable and operates to a strict code of conduct and risk management guidelines.

As an ex-Department of Immigration and Border Protection employee (lawyer, policy and litigation),she knows how the systems operate in reality. She can marry the interpretation of legislation & the application of policy, and has expert knowledge in knowing what can go wrong.

As an ex-Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) employee, Maryann has lectured and worked in registration and professional standards. This means she has seen how the industry operates. Oasis Australia has been set up in order to model the best and avoid the worst-case practices. Maryann operates ethically and professionally.

All of this works towards maximising your chance of success.

Why is this important to you?

We take the pain away and get you results.
Get your answers from our Australian immigration lawyers!

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